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i1Baits Exclusive Patterns Flathead Jigs

i1Baits Exclusive Patterns Flathead Jigs

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Handcrafted in Phoenix NY, USA! The Flathead Head jig is a common design and its unique flat shape is the go-to shape for some walleye fishermen. The flathead design allows for using larger hooks, which are often preferred when tipping the jig with live bait or plastics. The Flathead jig is my "go-to" shape when fishing warmer water experienced during the late spring and summer seasons or when snap-jigging in water deeper than fifteen feet.  The profile of the flathead jig allows it to cut river currents and it falls side to side when snapped up and allowed to fall on a slackline.

i1baits flathead jig heads are custom poured using only premium quality Mustad Ultra-point hooks, powder coated/heat-cured before hand-tied utilizing only the finest Northern Bucktails.  While designed for walleyes and bass, the hooks used on flathead jigs tend to be oversized making them appropriate for all freshwater big game species. This jig is my choice for summertime walleyes and anytime (including thru the ice) when targeting large fish, especially deep water lake trout and northern pike.

Walleye Head jigs are available in an assortment of fish-catching colors and weights, either with or without the integrated i1Baits signature VMC out-barb stinger hook.

ICP... Insane Clown Purple.  When you see the bright pink nose swimming back to the boat, you'll understand the name.  If you want to see it in action, check out the i1 Baits/Oneida Lake video on youtube. That was the day were first tested the pattern. One novice fisherman and two charter captains and a whole lot of walleye action.

The Joker....My most famous creation and an i1 Baits exclusive offering. Based on a pattern Mark and I used to win a Boathouse Sunday tourney. This has become my most popular pattern and each jig is basically tied to order as I cannot ever seem to keep them in stock.

Shacks Bar-Fighter.....Black and blue with a bloody nose. It's named after Shackleton Shoal, the four square miles of rock humps, holes, and shoals that sits in the middle portion of Oneida Lake.

Bloody Sunday.....It's a glow head, tied with black and red, and is another i1Baits exclusive.  The blood red is obvious, however, the name is paying homage to its use in the Oneida Lake Walleye Team Challenge. A series of local walleye tournament series that takes place on Sundays.

The Goblin.....This is the middle child in the group. It is a glow version of the Joker Jig. 

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