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Walleye Head Jig

Walleye Head Jig

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Hand crafted in Phoenix NY, USA! The Walleye Head jig is a compact design and its unique shape is favored by walleye fisherman. While not a true stand-up head design, its shape does prevent roll-over so the hook point is pointed in the correct direction to bite back when a fish does strike. The walleye head is my "go to" shape when fishing the cold water experienced early in the season, when casting to outside weed edges or when fishing in less than twenty feet of water.

i1baits walleye jig heads are custom poured using only premium quality Mustad Ultra-point hooks, powder coated/heat cured before hand tied utilizing only the finest Northern Bucktails.

Walleye Head jigs are available in an assortment of fish catching colors and weights, either with or without the integrated i1Baits signature VMC out-barb stinger hook.

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