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Flat Head Walleye Jigs Solid Colors

Flat Head Walleye Jigs Solid Colors

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Flathead jigs offer a profile that walleyes simply cannot resist. The head design cuts cleanly through the water and lifts easily when hopped or jigged. This head shape is often preferred when fishing in modestly deeper water or when a fast fall is called for to trigger strikes from aggressive walleyes.  i1 Baits flathead jigs feature a chemically sharpened premium Mustad Ultra-point jig hook and are available in an assortment of colors, weights and with or without stinger hooks.

The "loudmouth" which incorporates the loudest American Made Glass rattle in the industry directly into the lead head.  Every tournament angler knows the value of rattles in tube jigs, stick baits, and plugs. Now that same tournament-winning edge is available in a bucktail jig.

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