Blade Baits

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Handcrafted in the United Stated by walleye fishermen, for walleye fishermen. Utilizing metal finishes and the best painters in the walleye industry, i1 Baits has added a new dimension to blade bait fishing.  I have taken three years developing this bait, catching everything from sunfish to king salmon on them. On your first cast you notice the difference, as this bait has the easiest start up of anything we have ever fished. Try one and see.

 i1 Baits custom patterns utilize a holographic underlayment that makes them change colors under varying lighting conditions, just like real baitfish.  These blade baits come complete with premium  Mustad KVD ultra-point  treble hooks as well as American made snaps and split rings.

New for 2020, see the newest painted patterns as well as metal plated versions featuring REAL 24 Carat GOLD, Sterling Silver, Copper Plate, Black Nickle plated blades.